Your Bionic Turtle Team

The Bionic Turtle FRM team is here to provide candidates with an in-depth learning experience during your preparation and to provide great customer support.

About CEO David Harper, CFA, FRM, CIPM

bionic turtle teamPrior to launching Bionic Turtle, David was a consultant to executives and Boards. He advised primarily to technology and financial firms on transactions (IPSO, M&A), incentives and performance improvement (economic value added). Over ten years, his clients ranged from dozens of Fortune 1000 companies (e.g., Levi’s, P&G, Edison), financial services firms (e.g., American Century, Barclays Global Investors, Zions Bancorp), investment funds, hedge funds, fund of funds, and REITs. He has also occasionally served as an expert witness. In September of 2006, he assisted Lipis Consulting in an expert support role. His valuation model helped the plaintiff win a $30+ million judgment in a high-profile case.

For several years, David was a regular contributor to Investopedia and launched, along with Investopedia’s co-founders, their first investment newsletter; he developed the portfolios and investment process that returned +35% annualized returns (from inception to acquisition). He authored the popular series Advanced Financial Statement Analysis that has been used in several college curricula.

To realize the Bionic Turtle vision, David also spent over a thousand hours training to learn the technologies so that he could build the first two versions of Bionic Turtle, before hiring professionals to build the most recent site. After learning to build rich media assets, he realized his goal by conducting several seminars on object-oriented techniques (OOP) in the e-learning field; e.g., he co-authored along with Alex Barabanov Bionic Turtle’s Flex/Flash quiz application that dynamically retrieves two-tier XML data (both the map and the questions can be modified independently of the application) from Excel source, making the quizzes both flexible but more accurate since they are error-checked in the spreadsheet.

David lives near Los Angeles and his education includes:

  • Charted Financial Analyst (CFA 2003, Charter #65864; meeting annual PD criteria every year since)
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
  • Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM Jan 2008, #000198)
  • BA, Economics, UC Berkeley, 1989


About Nicole Seaman, Director of FRM Operations

bionic turtle teamNicole Seaman joined the Bionic Turtle team in November 2013 as an Administrative Assistant and was later promoted to Chief Administrative Officer. She has now joined Cerifi as the Director of FRM Operations. Nicole ensures that all daily operations of Bionic Turtle run smoothly, which includes project management, FRM material prep and publishing, and the organization of our study planner.  Customer service is also our number one priority, and she does everything possible to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with the materials and support that we provide.

Nicole began pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Clarkson University and ultimately graduated from Kaplan University in 2011. She has over 20 years of administrative experience both in the private sector and in New York State positions.

Nicole lives in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in northern New York. She has two children, and two dogs – a very sweet Husky/Lab named Karma and an energetic Yorkie named Buster.  Outside of work, she makes sure to take advantage of the vast number of outdoor activities in her area such as watching her son play hockey and soccer, skiing, hiking, fishing, and camping. If you need assistance or have any customer support questions, you can email Nicole and she will be happy to help you.