Instructional Video: Fund Management

Hull, Risk Management and Financial Institutions, Chapter 4: Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds is a 32 minute instructional video analyzing the following concepts:

* Differentiating among open-end mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds, and exchangetraded funds (ETFs).
* Calculating the net asset value (NAV) of an open-end mutual fund.
* Explaining the key differences between hedge funds and mutual funds.
* Calculating the return on a hedge fund investment and explaining the incentive fee structure of a hedge fund including the terms hurdle rate, high-water mark, and clawback.
* Various hedge fund strategies, including long/short equity, dedicated short, distressed securities, merger arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, fixed income arbitrage, emerging markets, global macro, and managed futures, and identifying the risks faced by hedge funds.
* Hedge fund performance and the effect of measurement biases on performance measurement.

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