How to Use the Interactive Practice Question Platform

Our innovative Interactive Practice Question platform, available with the purchase of an Advanced or Professional study package, is packed with benefits that will help you sharpen your skills, test your knowledge, and boost your confidence as you work toward exam success. Basic users, you can still gain access to this new study tool by contacting customer support to request an upgrade! Upgrading also provides you with full forum access, including in-depth discussions on each topic in the FRM® curriculum and forum support from our team of experts.

Interactive PQ Platform Features
1 – Engaging Learning Experience
  • Dive into a dynamic and interactive environment to create quizzes that align with your current studies. With this new platform, you have the flexibility to create quizzes that include the specific topic and chapter you want to study. Additionally, you can customize the quiz by selecting which Learning Objectives you want to include and choosing the number of questions in the quiz. These features enable you to tailor the quiz to your specific needs and target the areas that require more attention.
2 – Realistic Exam Simulation
  • Practice under exam-like conditions with a wide range of practice questions that mirror the format and complexity of the FRM® exam.
  • Each practice question includes four multiple-choice options, along with the answer and explanation, to ensure that you are learning the concepts in depth. Our Advanced and Professional users can also follow the forum links to discuss the concepts with fellow FRM® candidates or ask for support from one of the FRM® experts on our team.
  • The platform allows you to choose how you view your results. You can view all results at once or view the correct answer after each question. Each option provides a full explanation in addition to the correct answer.
  • You have the option to set a timer to help you manage your time efficiently. This will allow you to keep track of the time remaining so you can adjust your pace to complete the exam within the given time limit. It is recommended that you use this feature closer to your exam date to create mock exams that will optimize your time management and improve your chances of success in the FRM® exam.
3 – Personalized Study Recommendations
  • Benefit from tailored study recommendations based on your performance, ensuring that you focus on areas that require further attention to maximize your exam readiness. The platform tracks your quiz performance, highlighting areas for improvement and showing you where your strengths are. This will enable you to adjust your study plan to concentrate on areas that require improvement.

When you log into your study planner, you will now see two buttons on the Practice Question pages at the chapter level:

  1. The “View Practice Questions” button, which will bring you to the PDFs in Vital Source.
  2. A new “Interactive Quiz” button that will bring you to the Interactive PQ platform

Once you have opened the interactive platform, you can build your own quiz according to part, topic, chapter, and even specific learning objectives! Here is a quick tutorial showing how the platform works:


We truly hope that this new Interactive Practice Question Platform will be a game-changer in your FRM® preparation journey. Log into your account now to explore this exciting new feature and take your FRM® exam prep to the next level!

If you have any questions at all or need assistance, our support team is here to help!