Study Notes: Anatomy of the Great Financial Crisis

Chapter 10. Anatomy of the Great Financial Crisis Study Notes contains 13 pages covering the following learning objectives:

* Describe the historical background and provide an overview of the 2007 — 2009 financial crisis.

* Describe the build-up to the financial crisis and the factors that played an important role.

* Explain the role of subprime mortgages and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) in the crisis.

* Compare the roles of different types of institutions in the financial crisis, including banks, financial intermediaries, mortgage brokers and lenders, and rating agencies.

* Describe trends in the short-term wholesale funding markets that contributed to the financial crisis, including their impact on systemic risk.

* Describe responses taken by central banks in response to the crisis.

After reviewing the notes, you will be able to apply what you learned with practice questions.

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