Instructional Video: Insurance Companies and Pension Plans

Hull, Risk Management and Financial Institutions, Chapter 3: Insurance Companies and Pension Plans is a 28 minute instructional video analyzing the following concepts:

* Key features of the various categories of insurance companies and the risks facing insurance companies.
* The use of mortality table and calculate premium payment for a policy holder.
* Calculating and interpreting loss ratio, expense ratio, combined ratio, and operating ratio for a property casualty insurance company.
* Moral hazard and adverse selection risks facing insurance companies, examples of each, and how to overcome the problems.
* Distinguishing between mortality risk and longevity risk and how to hedge these risks.
* Evaluating the capital requirements for life insurance and property-casualty insurance companies.
* Comparing the guaranty system and the regulatory requirements for insurance companies with those for banks.
* A defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan for a pension fund and explaining the differences between them.

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