Practice Question Set: Constantinides, Chapter 17: Hedge Funds

Constantinides, Chapter 17: Hedge Funds practice question set consists of 15 pages reviewing the following learning objectives: 

* Describe the characteristics of hedge funds and the hedge fund industry, and compare hedge funds with mutual funds.
* Explain biases that are commonly found in databases of hedge funds.
* Explain the evolution of the hedge fund industry and describe landmark events that precipitated major changes in the development of the industry.
* Evaluate the role of investors in shaping the hedge fund industry.
* Explain the relationship between risk and alpha in hedge funds.
* Compare and contrast the different hedge fund strategies, describe their return characteristics, and describe the inherent risks of each strategy
* Describe the historical portfolio construction and performance trend of hedge funds compared to equity indices.
* Describe market events that resulted in a convergence of risk factors for different hedge fund strategies, and explain the impact of such a convergence on portfolio diversification strategies.
* Describe the problem of risk sharing asymmetry between principals and agents in the hedge fund industry.
* Explain the impact of institutional investors on the hedge fund industry and assess reasons for the growing concentration of assets under management (AUM) in the industry.

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