Practice Question Set: Golin, Chapters 1 & 2

Golin, Chapters 1 & 2 Practice Question set contains contains 9 pages covering the following learning objectives:

Chapter 1: The Credit Decision

* Define credit risk and explain how it arises using examples.
* Explain the components of credit risk evaluation.
* Describe, compare and contrast various credit risk mitigants and their role in credit analysis.
* Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative techniques of credit risk evaluation.
* Compare the credit analysis of consumers, corporations, financial institutions, and sovereigns.
* Describe quantitative measurements and factors of credit risk, including probability of default, loss given default, exposure at default, expected loss, and time horizon
* Compare bank failure and bank insolvency.

Chapter 2: The Credit Analyst

* Describe the quantitative, qualitative, and research skills a banking credit analyst is expected to have.
* Assess the quality of various sources of information used by a credit analyst.
* Explain the CAMEL system used for evaluating the financial condition of a bank.

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