Practice Question Set: “Holistic Review of the March Market Turmoil”, FSB

“Holistic Review of the March Market Turmoil” FSB Practice Question Set contains 6 pages covering the following learning objectives:

* Identify the key market developments that took place during the March 2020 Covid-19 market turmoil, conditions that were prevalent, and their effects on the financial markets and its participants. Describe how financial participants sought safety and the stages by which stress spread through the financial system as the pandemic unfolded.

* Describe the origins and backdrop of the March 2020 Covid-19 market stress and the systemic weaknesses existing prior to the pandemic that contributed to systemic fragility.

* Describe the role that non-bank financial institutions’ (NBFIs), reliance on US dollar funding, and the demand for liquidity and credit risk held outside the banking sector had on the resilience of the global financial system during the pandemic.

* Describe the impact of the pandemic and its propagation on the financial markets, including money market funds (MMF), CCPs, margin, open ended funds, ETFs, short-term funding markets, repos, and the government and corporate bond markets.”

* Describe the public-sector policy responses to restore financial market functioning during the Covid-19 market turmoil.

* Describe the lessons learned from the March 2020 Covid-19 market turmoil.

We have also provided individual links for each question to their respective forum discussion.

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