Practice Question Set: Rose, Bank Management & Financial Services, Chapters 10 & 11

Rose, Bank Management & Financial Services, Chapters 10 & 11 Practice Question set covers the following learning objectives:

Chapter 10: The Investment Function in Financial Services Management

* Compare various money market and capital market instruments and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
* Identify and discuss various factors that affect the choice of investment securities by a bank.
* Apply investment maturity strategies and maturity management tools based on the yield curve and duration.

Chapter 11: Liquidity and Reserves Management: Strategies and Policies

* Calculate a bank’s net liquidity position and explain factors that affect the supply and demand of liquidity at a bank.
* Compare strategies that a bank can use to meet demands for additional liquidity.
* Estimate a bank’s liquidity needs through three methods (sources and uses of funds, structure of funds, and liquidity indicators).
* Summarize the process taken by a US bank to calculate its legal reserves.
* Differentiate between factors that affect the choice among alternate sources of reserves.

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