Study Notes: Rose, Bank Management & Financial Services, Chapter 10 & 11

Rose, Bank Management & Financial Services, Chapter 10 & 11 Study Notes contain 38 pages covering the following learning objectives:

Chapter 10: The Investment Function in Financial Services Management 

Compare various money market and capital market instruments and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
Identify and discuss various factors that affect the choice of investment securities by a bank.
Apply investment maturity strategies and maturity management tools based on the yield curve and duration.

Chapter 11: Liquidity and Reserves Management: Strategies and Policies 

Calculate a bank’s net liquidity position and explain factors that affect the supply and demand of liquidity at a bank.
Compare strategies that a bank can use to meet demands for additional liquidity.
Estimate a bank’s liquidity needs through three methods (sources and uses of funds, structure of funds, and liquidity indicators).
Summarize the process taken by a US bank to calculate its legal reserves.
Differentiate between factors that affect the choice among alternate sources of reserves.

After reviewing the notes, you will be able to apply what you learned with practice questions.

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