Instructional Video: Stulz, Chapter 18: Credit Risks and Credit Derivatives

Stulz, Credit Risks and Credit Derivatives is a 56-minute instructional video analyzing the following concepts:

* Using the Merton model, calculate the value of a firm’s debt and equity and the volatility of firm value.
* Explain the relationship between credit spreads, time to maturity, and interest rates.
* Explain the differences between valuing senior and subordinated debt using a contingent claim approach.
* Explain, from a contingent claim perspective, the impact of stochastic interest rates on the valuation of risky bonds, equity, and the risk of default.
* Compare and contrast different approaches to credit risk modeling, such as those related to the Merton model, CreditRisk+, CreditMetrics, and the KMV model.
* Assess the credit risks of derivatives.
* Describe a credit derivative, credit default swap, and total return swap.
* Explain how to account for credit risk exposure in valuing a swap.

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