Practice Question Set: Litterman, Chapter 17: Risk Monitoring and Performance Measurement

Litterman, Chapter 17: Risk Monitoring and Performance Measurement practice question set consists of 12 pages reviewing the following learning objectives: 

* Describe the three fundamental dimensions behind risk management, and their relation to VaR and tracking error.
* Describe risk planning, including its objectives, effects, and the participants in its development.
* Describe risk budgeting and the role of quantitative methods in risk budgeting.
* Describe risk monitoring and its role in an internal control environment.
* Identify sources of risk consciousness within an organization.
* Describe the objectives and actions of a risk management unit in an investment management firm.
* Describe how risk monitoring can confirm that investment activities are consistent with expectations.
* Describe Liquidity Duration Statistic and how it can be used to measure liquidity.
* Describe the objectives of performance measurement.
* Describe the use of alpha, benchmark, and peer group as inputs in performance measurement tools.

We have also provided individual links for each question to their respective forum discussion.

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