Practice Question Set: Rose, Bank Management & Financial Services, Chapters 12 & 13

Rose, Bank Management & Financial Services, Chapters 12 & 13 Practice Question set covers the following learning objectives:

Chapter 12. Managing and Pricing Deposit Services

* Differentiate between the various transaction and non-transaction deposit types.
* Compare different methods used to determine the pricing of deposits and calculate the price of a deposit account using cost-plus, marginal cost and conditional pricing formulas.
* Explain challenges faced by banks that offer deposit accounts, including deposit insurance, disclosures, overdraft protection, and basic (lifeline) banking.

Chapter 13. Managing Nondeposit Liabilities

* Distinguish the various sources of non-deposit liabilities at a bank.
* Describe and calculate the available funds gap.
* Discuss factors affecting the choice of non-deposit funding sources.
* Calculate overall cost of funds using both the historical average cost approach and the pooled funds approach.

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