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The Dalton Accelerator™ for the CFA® Program is an invaluable instructional tool that provides the best supplementary resources you need to better prepare for taking the Level I CFA® exam.

Designed by CFA® Charterholders and finance professionals, our robust practice tools will increase your confidence as well as exam readiness, providing you with the additional insights and knowledge you need to succeed.


  • Over 2,500 Exam-like Questions
  • Assessments Across all 10 Topics
  • A Formula Practice Tool
  • Robust Explanations and Content (written by CFA® Charterholders)
  • Progress Monitoring to Identify Strong and Weak Areas
  • Invaluable Instructional Support Videos
  • Interactive Calendar
  • Performance Dashboard That Displays Your Progress on Practice Tests, Assessments, and More


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Why is The Dalton Accelerator™ for the CFA® Program right for you?

Your Guide to Confidence and Success

Our resources include a robust video library with additional instructor perspectives and content. Intro videos that help you create your success strategy, overview videos for each of the topic areas, and skills videos aligned to various questions. These videos individually, or all together, will enhance your learning experience.

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More than “What”

Reading for understanding isn’t enough; question-focused study strategies are far superior. Our program provides you the flexibility to create custom practice tests for a single topic and reading, or a combination of different topics and readings. You decide what to study and why.

Improve Understanding with Instructor Explanations

To help ensure your success, we provide engaging explanation videos for many of the more difficult questions. Watch an instructor walk you through the question and demonstrate the approach you should take. It’s just like being there for the debrief in a classroom.

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Practice Makes Permanent

You can practice calculation questions that require a repeatable formula. When using the tool, you simply select a set of topics, and the program randomly generates questions on up to forty formulas.

Make the Most of Valuable Prep Time

Prioritize what matters most. With access to over 2,500 practice questions and seven fixed assessments, candidates can focus on more meaningful practice and instruction.

Learn what you need, when you need it.


Prepare for your CFA® Exam with confidence.

ONLY $279



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