Why Should I Obtain My FRM Certification?

Many financial risk candidates have a difficult time deciding which designation would be best for them. There are many reasons that candidates should take the GARP FRM exam and pursue their certification to become a financial risk manager.

Passing the FRM exam makes you stand out from others who do not have their FRM certification!

This FRM certification provides you with a great advantage when applying and interviewing for FRM jobs because employers look for those who have passed the FRM exam and obtained their certification.

Benefits of Obtaining an FRM Certification

  • Recognition.  The FRM certification is the best known and most respected designation for financial risk (recently, it has emerged as the gold standard in risk).
  • Global Standard.  Certified FRMs are employed by almost every major global bank, government regulator, consulting firm, insurance, and financial services institution around the world.
  • Lifelong Network.  GARP’s platform expands professional opportunities with a network of some of the most prominent finance and risk professionals.
  • Resume Component.  Completing many hours of self-study and mastering the very tough FRM exam signals a commitment to the risk management profession.
  • Quantitative and Technical Aptitude.  Certified FRMs demonstrate fluency in core quantitative domains including statistics, valuation, time series, and risk modeling.
  • Holistic Grasp.  Certified FRMs have studied the emergent approach to risk as a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that is the forward-looking goal of many organizations.
  • Dynamic Appeal.  As the art and science of financial risk evolve, the FRM designation indicates proficiency in dynamic evolution and interplay of market, credit and operational risk.
  • Ethical Standard.  Because all Certified FRMs are expected to adhere to specific ethical principles, the FRM designation signals a commitment to professional integrity.
  • Balances Yield and Return-Oriented Credentials.  In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), many financial services firms have elevated non-compliance risk management as an essential competency that needs to be formalized and prioritized.
  • Career Opportunities.  Career changers–e. g., those previously working in non-risk roles–often pursue the FRM certification in order to broaden their opportunities as the FRM continues to grow in recognition. This includes opportunities outside of financial services.
  • Practical.  Students with an academic background may appreciate that the FRM exam is informed by a realistic orientation. The FRM exam is practitioner-driven and demonstrates an ability to master complex and real-world challenges.

Anyone who is pursuing a career as a certified financial risk manager must take the FRM exam, as it provides the knowledge, skills, and understanding that is required in the financial risk field.

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