The Benefits of Using an FRM Prep Course

Financial Risk Management CourseAdding Bionic Turtle’s FRM course to your study plan can not only save you time and money, but it can increase your pass rate immensely.

The FRM exam is very difficult, and it must be passed in order to receive your FRM certification. GARP offers the core readings associated with the current curriculum, but for most candidates, it is very difficult to study solely from those materials.

The Right FRM Course Material Will Help You Pass!

The Bionic Turtle FRM course is a self-study program that offers the materials that you need to study for the current FRM exam. When FRM exam candidates look at the GARP core readings for the first time, it can be very overwhelming. Some of the readings are hundreds of pages long, and they contain a great deal of content that can be difficult to retain.

Bionic Turtle’s FRM course materials offer study notes that summarize those GARP readings and focus on the specific learning objectives that are provided by GARP. This means that our subscribers do not have to read through the entire GARP reading to obtain the information that will be tested on the exam.

Bionic Turtle also offers many other FRM course materials. Our daily practice questions are written by David himself and are posted two days per week in the forum. Each set of questions is geared toward the learning objectives in each of the GARP readings. These practice questions have been very helpful to the subscribers of our FRM prep course, as they explain the FRM concepts in detail. They help to explain the FRM concepts more in-depth than just reading through the GARP core books. This saves FRM candidates a great deal of time because they don’t need to search for the answers. They are all conveniently organized in our Study Planner, and fully discussed in the forum!

Our daily practice questions are posted in the Bionic Turtle forum, which has over 50,000 members who discuss the FRM concepts in-depth and help to answer any questions that are posted. David also visits the forum daily to answer any questions that are asked. Our forum is a very useful tool in helping Bionic Turtle subscribers to pass the FRM exam. It has been stated many times that without the detailed forum discussions, it would have been difficult to pass the FRM exam. Many of our customers say that the follow-up thread discussions to the Practice Questions were the key to passing the exam. The discussions surface common stumbling blocks, and difficult concepts tend to get explored from multiple angles.

Bionic Turtle’s study packages also offer instructional videos, focus review videos, mock exams, spreadsheets, and interactive quizzes to ensure that FRM candidates are fully prepared for the exam. All of these materials are located in our Study Planner, which is neatly organized by Part, Topic, and Reading according to the current GARP study guide.

Ready to Start Learning?

The Bionic Turtle team is eager to help FRM candidates to not only pass the FRM exam, but to understand the concepts in depth so you are fully prepared to enter your career as a certified FRM. Bionic Turtle’s FRM course materials have helped thousands of FRM candidates in passing the FRM exam since 2009. To view the study packages that we offer, visit our Features & Pricing page!

We look forward to helping you to successfully pass the exam with our FRM prep program!

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