Practice Question Set: Learning from Financial Disasters

Chapter 9. Learning from Financial Disasters Practice Question Set contains 23 pages covering the following learning objectives:

Analyze the key factors that led to and derive the lessons learned from case studies involving the following risk factors:
* Interest rate risk, including the 1980s savings and loan crisis in the US
* Funding liquidity risk, including Lehman Brothers, Continental Illinois, and Northern Rock
* Implementing hedging strategies, including the Metallgesellschaft case
* Model risk, including the Niederhoffer case, Long Term Capital Management, and the London Whale case
* Rogue trading and misleading reporting, including the Barings case
* Financial engineering and complex derivatives, including Bankers Trust, the Orange County case, and Sachsen Landesbank
* Reputational risk, including the Volkswagen case
* Corporate governance, including the Enron case
* Cyber risk, including the SWIFT case

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